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FastCAM is less complex than other systems. It supports all machine and CNC combinations that support ESSI, EIA and ISO NC languages in both inch and metric. NC output can be selected as absolute or incremental.


Wherever drawing information is available electronically, FastCAM has a powerful CAD interface that cleans and compresses code that prepares it for quality cutting. FastCAM can read and convert DXF,DWG,DSTV/NC1,StruCAD,IGES and PDF file formats. 



ProNest® part sorting software is the only software that is easy to install and has optimal process parameters, fully supporting Hypertherm Water reCut™ technology including True Hole®, Rapid Part™ and True Bevel™ technologies. In addition to operating your ProNest® cutting benches; From the proposal stage to part design, reporting and stock management, it has an important place in your cutting and fabrication ecosystem. ProNest can also be connected to ERP/MRP for real-time data exchange. You can purchase two types of licenses, single-user and multi-user.



Businesses engaged in flame cutting have to perform a large number of tasks to prepare the work before operating the cutting machine. After the part geometries are designed or drawings are received from the customer, the drawings of the parts to be produced are sorted by the sorting software to reduce the amount of scrap. The machine's numerically controlled nesting plan should provide a fast and efficient process for high cut quality. While doing this, all the features of the counter such as true hole should be used. The integrated operation of Omniwin 2016 with CAD for right and angled cuts, file pulling and nesting greatly simplifies the process.

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